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North Carolina's Eastern Region is leading a WorkReady initiative to elevate our region's workforce into our number one competitive advantage. By ensuring our workers have the best skills and training.

How to Post Jobs

Your company can now tap into every person in the region who has a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). Nearly 40,000 citizens in the Eastern Region possess a CRC. This job portal is available at no cost to employers who recommend or require the CRC in their hiring process. Take full advantage of this resource and get the word out about available jobs in a 13 county region of Eastern NC.

Through the job portal you can:

1. Create a company profile for job seekers to learn about your company
2. Post available jobs including all WorkKeys and CRC requirements
3. Upload an application for specific jobs so that job seekers can apply for your company's available positions
4. Search for candidates who match your job-specific criteria

5. Contact job seekers that match your criteria

How to Participate

Employer support is a vital component of the Work Ready Program.  This pilot program is centered on the needs of local employers and is built upon the success more than 100 employers across the region are having with the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). This initiative is increasing community engagement in workforce improvement issues and is providing policymakers with a comprehensive tool to evaluate a community’s needs. The Eastern Region is committed to ensuring local employers have a well-trained workforce and a consistent supply of talent to meet their diverse needs. 

There are several ways your company can participate in Work Ready Communities:

1. Contact your local community college to learn more about the CRC
2. Recommend or require the CRC as part of your company’s hiring practices
3. Sign the committment form as an employer who supports the Work Ready program
4. Post a Work Ready Communities sign in your place of employment
5. Utilize the job portal to find local talent who possess a CRC

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